Autobiographies are difficult. First-person? Third-person? I'm always sceptical of biographies written in third-person, I prefer to opt for the personable approach instead.

So then, I suppose... I'm Stuart. I like coffee, and all things tech. My friends and family generally treat me like their personal IT technician. I've more hobbies than I can count, and own more cameras than I'm willing to admit (photo and video equipment is a bit of an addiction).

At the root of everything, I consider myself a creator. The main derivative of that being photography, though I've passionately dabbled in filmmaking and as many aspects of production as possible.

I live in Dublin, Ireland with 2 dogs; 1 big, 1 small. I've worked in the Irish creative industry for over 6 years, starting off before I'd even left school. My work has mainly fallen within the scope of photojournalism, but with a key penchant for music, sports, and all things people. Though I’m open to anything that puts a camera in my hands.

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From working with some of the top sports institutions in Leinster to the top musicians in Ireland, and just generally some of the coolest and talented people around, I’ve produced memorable images ranging from album covers and newspaper spreads to intimate portraits and awe-inspiring moments.

Venturing in all aspects of production, I worked as a Film & Culture writer for a newspaper whilst in college, and co-founded a film production company, Untold Stories Productions, on the back of my first passion-project short film The Untold Story (2013).

With the aim of fostering the creation of narrative film by young adults, through Untold Stories Productions I wrote and directed a feature film, The Kids Aren’t Alright (2016), along with numerous short films, short documentaries and music videos. Also fostering the production of all forms of video content, even producing a podcast at one point.

Having received numerous accolades for my work, and lost in infinitely more competitions and awards, I’ve exercised my desire to educate others from presentations to members of Dublin Camera Club, through offering an insider's look via my blog.

Thinking of myself as an image-maker, I pride myself on producing work that is both true to life and visually stunning, no matter what medium that comes in. I’ve created content that lies closely beside people’s hearts and is priceless to them; I’d love to be able to do that for you.

Whether you’d like to talk business, talk tech, talk equipment, just have a chat or just grab a coffee – use the Contact page to get in touch or feel free to reach out anywhere through social media. I look forward to talking.

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