Biography - Stuart Comerford

Hi, I'm Stuart. I'm a photographer and filmmaker based in Dublin, Ireland. I specialize in Sports, Portraiture, and Live Music Photography - but I dabble in a bit of everything.  I've spent the majority of my career working as a press photographer but my passion lies in working directly with people.

Over my 6 years in the Irish creative industry I've received numerous accolades for my work as a sports and press photographer. I've worked with some of the top sports institutions in Leinster, and some of the top musicians in Ireland to produce memorable images. From album covers, to sports coverage for newspapers, I've covered a wide range of media.

In 2013 I launched a production company to develop the creation of narrative films by young adults. As part of that initiate, I have written and directed my own feature film, 3 short films, a mini-series and numerous music videos.

I think of myself more as an "image-maker" as opposed to simply a photographer, I pride myself on producing work that is true to life, and visually stunning. With a desire to educate others, I have given presentations to members of Dublin Camera Club, developed creators through my production company and offered an insider's look via my blog.

Whether you want to inquire about work,  ask a question, or are just looking for a chat - get in touch using the "Contact" tab at the top! I'd love to hear from you.

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