Lesbro: All My Friends Are Lesbians - Stuart Comerford

"Lesbro: All My Friends Are Lesbians" was initially created as a pilot episode titled "All My Friends Are Lesbians" to pitch a television series titled "Lesbro" to Irish broadcasting outlets. Unfortunately this did not work out, and the idea was shelved to be returned to at a later date and produced as a 6 episode series for web release, the entire series is being produced with the intention of being distributed for free on video-on-demand, with the series written by Stuart Comerford and each episode directed by a first time, young, aspiring Irish director. This pilot episode has been removed from the planned 6 episode run, and released as a short film.

This short film, produced by Untold Stories Productions, is written and directed by Stuart Comerford. "All My Friends Are Lesbians" is a 40-minute short comedy centering around a college student, Ian, who comes to realise that his only four friends are all lesbians, and have way more luck with dating than he does. Not willing to let their friend wallow in his own misery, the group of girls go about trying to hook Ian up with whatever willing straight girl they can find - problems arise when they come to realise his awkwardness in social situations is more detrimental to his chances than it is an endearing personality quirk. The Full length installment is available to watch for free below. 

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